May 23, 2024

Are Hip Dips Normal Or Not?

Hip Dips

Standing in frot of the mirror in your legging or the exercise outfit you must have seen the curves in the hips. These curves make some of you conscious about the looks. Is it normal? Is it something serious or not? 

Hip Dips are known as violin hips or divots. It is the shape of hips that are inward curve below each hip. However, you do not think that hips and dips are a problem for anyone. Despite other things, divot’s hips are an issue, and you want to get rid of this. In this article, you will learn about the causes of Violin hips and healthy hips & dips.

Normality in Variability

So before moving forward, you need ot learn on thing normality in variability. It is vital; to note that hip dips are a natural aspect of the body. Its appearance can vary wildly. They are typically noticed around the outer region of the upper thighs, right beneath the hip bone. Nevertheless, the extent to which they are visible relies on person factors slike bone structure and muscle distribution. Now let us move ahead and learn more about them in great depth.

What Should You Know About Hip Dips?

Hip Dips usually appear around the outside of the upper legs and below your hip. However, it is normal for a person, but violin hips vary in appearance. Sometimes divots’ hips are highly noticeable due to their unusual shapes. The appearance depends on the bone structure and individual muscles.

Hip Dips

The Anatomy Behind Hip Dips

So it is the time to study your body and find out the Hip Dips. There are many factors that adds to the presence and appearance of hip dips:

Bone Structure

 The width of the hips and the size of the femur (thigh bone) hold a vial part in how prominent these curves appear.

Muscle Distribution

The layout of muscles around the hips can affect the prominence of these dips. 

Fat Distribution

Here is another point. The body fat also adds to the appearnce of hip dips. However, it is vital to note that hip dips are not a vital indication of high or low body fat.

Now you have a clear idea about the hip dip and why does it occurs

What Are The Common Reasons For Violin Hips?

There are the following reasons for hip dips. It depends on the skeletal anatomy, and these are determined by genetics. The hip dips visibility depends on the below reasons:

  • It depends on the size of your femur.
  • Hip dips also depend on the width of the hips.
  • Further, the length of your femur is countable.
  • The violet hip also depends on the distance of the pelvis part.
  • Moreover, your mussels parts are also countable in size.
  • The fat distribution is another factor. 

So, these are the main factors that determine the shape and size of the hips.  It is familiar that hip dip shapes also specify the lower body parts’ fat stores. You can reduce body fats by doing some specific exercises.

The visibility of the hip dips is mostly due to the shape of the individual skeleton. For instance, the hip bone and its width also determine the shape and size of the hip. Further, it also depends on the fat distribution and muscles of the hips.

Are Hip Dips Normal?

You will not need to worry about hip dips, and it is ordinary.  Moreover, it is due to your health and body structure. However, it is not showing or indicating your body fats. Luckily, these are now a symbol of beauty because of the media and influencers. So, these are a normal part of any human body and will not indicate the actual health of any person. Much of the formation of hip dips is determined by genetics. Factors such as the width of the hip bones and the structure of the pelvis dictate the size and shape of these curves. Despite means to reduce them via exercise or lifestyle changes they may persist due to genetic inclination. But we have some tips fro that may do wondrs.

How Can You Get Rid Of Hip Dips?

Although these depend on your structure, health, and genetics, you will not reduce it. But still, some exercises are there that will help you in this matter. You will find several websites on the internet that will help you to reduce this issue.  So, you can select any one method and do it.

What You Need To Focus About Hip Dips? 

You need not focus on the size of the hips but rather work on its functionality.  It will help you to perform daily activities efficiently if you have healthy and muscular hips.  It will also reduce the risk factor of any injury related to the hips.  Moreover, if you have weak hip dips exercise, it creates several problems related to knees and legs, and it is difficult to perform the different exercises.

The main mussels included in the hips are:

  • Hip flower
  • Hip adductors
  • Hip extensors
  • Hip abductors
  • Lateral rotators

You need to do different exercises and stabilize your hips.  The most important thing is that you need to focus on the strength of your hip dips, and it will be suitable for your daily activities and prevent you from several injuries. 

Some Hip Dips Strengthen Exercises

Strengthening the hips is more noteworthy instead of reducing the size. You can efficiently perform your daily routine when you have a healthy body part. When you select any kind of exercise, you need to consult with your doctor, and after their advice, you can add it to your routine. You can do exercises at your home. The following are some exercises:

  1. Fire Hydrants on side hip openers
  2. The second is stand kickback lunges
  3. Standing side leg left hip dips exercise
  4. Squats are another useful exercise for strengthening of hips
  5. The standing side-to-side squats
  6. Side lunges are another useful workout
  7. Glute bridges help strengthen the muscles
  8. Leg kickback lift your butt
  9. Laying down the side legs target the outer thighs and butt

Final Verdict

The hip dips are mostly determined by genetics, and you need not worry about the size of the hips. Although, different exercises or lifestyles will not completely get rid of violet hips.  Instead of reducing the size, you need to focus on strengthening the hips which will help for performing the daily tasks and activities. Further, nowadays it’s a symbol of beauty in media and other social media influencers.  So if you have a healthy hip dip, you can perform and enjoy your daily activities. Further, you will prevent different injuries with the best function of the hip and dips In short hip dips are a normal and natural part of the anatomy of the body. Rather than struggling to remove them, it is best to focus on improving hip strength and function. Remember the your body’s identity is something to celebrate not change!

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