May 23, 2024

Can Low Testosterone Cause  Anxiety? Find Out The Truth

can low testosterone cause anxiety

Can low testosterone cause anxiety? Yes a low level of testosterone can mimic the signs of depression and lead to anxiety with time.

Most of you ignore symptoms like low energy levels reduced sexual drives and fatigue. Many people think it is the sign of aging but it is not always the case. If anyonehave faced these symptoms for a long time you have hypogonadism. What does it mean? It means a low level of testosterone.

Most of you may be familiar with the term testosterone. It is a hormone that plays a vital role in a health of a person. It is commonly present in men. Indeed women have it but in a lower amount. It is responsible for various body functions like bone strength building muscles and boosting sex drive. But do you know that a low level of testosterone can cause anxiety?

In this blog we will work on: What are these hormones? What function is performed? It causes depression the most no matter how you treat it.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is one of the steroidal hormones that do various work in the body like mental health and mood. When this level is in a normal state it will help the mind and body remain balanced.

Here light changes in this hormone level, whether low or high; how do you feel? Here people with high levels of testosterone may act aggressively.

As per one study people with low T may experience fatigue, anxiety and other mental health issues. These affect their mental health badly and compromise their daily work. Because of its link with serotonin, it makes your mood happy. You can tag it as the happy hormone, and with a low level of T  this serotonin boost may be absent.

Most people are unaware of the link between low T levels and anxiety, but many studies have shown a clear link between low T levels and anxiety. As per one theoryreplacing the testosterone in a person may reduce frailty, stress and other mental health issues.


Signs of Anxiety and Depression

Now most of have knownabout the hormones and how itaffect onedmood. But how can one tell whether they are suffering from depression or anxiety? The symptoms of this mental health issue vary from person to person. Here are some of the top symptoms and if you have experience with them please get your testosterone level checked.

  • Feeling empty or sad
  • Low energy
  • Irritability 
  • Difficulty in asleep
  • Sleep disturbance 
  • Appetite changes
  • No appeal in sports that you used to like
  • Weight loss
  • Mood changes
  • Feeling helpless

So these are the symptoms of depression but you may experince anxiety signs too. Some people experience the symptoms of both depression and anxiety and others do not. The following are the top symptoms of anxiety.

  • Irritability
  • Worrying  
  • Having problem stopping
  • Restlessness
  • Sensing on-edge
  • Having problems in sleeping
  • A sense of upcoming doom

Here are the key points. When men experience these symptoms it may differ from women. Men may experience low levels of typical symptoms such as sadness but may feel anger and irritability.

Also, men lose interest in work, family or others. There are some physical symptoms such as chest pain, GIT issues, a high hearing rate and more.

How Can You Tell Low T Level?

Before moving on to the topic of Can Low Testosterone Cause Anxiety  let us focus on the T-level. How can one tell his level of testosterone is low? Many people do not want to go for treatment for anxiety. It is due to the social label of mental illness. You cannot link anxiety only with mental health issues because it can be linked with hormones like low levels of T.

How can you tell you have a low level of testosterone? A few symptoms such as loss of interest rage, and irritability as well as others indicate that you have a low T level.

Look at the following symptoms closely and if you have any of them with the symptoms stated in the last paragraph then you may have a low testosterone level.

Following are the symptoms of low levels of testosterone.

  • low sex drive
  • Weight gain 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Mood swings
  • Problem with attention
  • Low sperm count
  • Hair loss

How Low T Level Impacts The Mood?

The answer to the question Can Low Testosterone Cause Anxiety? is yes. But how does testosterone impair the mood? Androgens contain testosterone which are the steroid hormones that give men the male featueres. It also plays a vital role in puberty the development of the sexual system and reproduction.

You can take androgen as the switches on the circuit board. When this is a release of hormones various things happen. You can experience emotional and physical changes when there is a reduction or increase of these hormones. 

How Testosterone Works

Testosterone levels decrease naturally as one gets older but it can also decrease for various reasons. Studies show these changes in testosterone can impact your mood in different ways. These changes can happen in reaction to various factors like  less sleep, stress, diet and more. 

If the T level is high, one may experience anxiety and feel irritable. On the other hand a low level of testosterone makes one feel depressed, low on energy and tired.

As per medical experts people who have hypogonadism usually have a low energy level. So they complain of a low desire for sexual activity as a result of defects in the muscle mass.

Many medical experts also state that a low T level can cause more fat mass and less muscle mass. It means it leads to obesity and various other health issues such as CVS.

Now you have learned about the symptoms of anxiety and low T levels. But the question is how to treat the low T level. Let us move on to the next part of this blog and find out more about it in depth.

How to Take Testosterone Level Test?

So if you want to check your T level in blood then you need to go for the blood test. An SHBG is the name of the test by which one can find its testosterone level in blood.

 You need to visit the lab for the first time in the morning for the blood sample. The best time for the blood sample is from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Because during this time the testosterone levels are high, it gives accurate results.

Can You Treat Low Testosterone Level and Anxiety?

The good news is that you can treat the low T level and anxiety symptoms. It is vital to look for medical help if you are experiencing depression and anxiety with a low T level. There is ample therapy for this and the medical expert will help you pick the right tone for you.

Improve Testosterone Level

If the anxiety or other mental health issues are caused by a low level of T then inducing T is the best option. There is testosterone replacement therapy that does work in such cases. The name of that treatment is TRT. Medical practitioners induce it in the body via topical gels, pellet implants, injections and more.

There are also medications named Clomid that do wonders when it comes to raising T levels. It is advisable when a person does not respond to the TRT.

Disclaimer: Never use the medication for low T levels as it can have a serious effect on the health. It is advisable to look for medical help to treat low T levels.

No Sign of Low T Level

If you experience anxiety and depression symptoms with no change in T level then TRT therapy will never work. There are many other medications that help treat anxiety and depression. Counseling sessions with doctors do wonders in this. Here pills may take some time to see any improvement. Do remember the time pills take to reach their peak level and show results when starting the medicine.

The anti-depressant medication also shows some adverse effects and you need to discuss them with health experts. Visiting a psychiatrician and therapist with medical support can offer positive results.

Remember  mental health is a serious issue and do not hesitate to discuss it with your doctors. It does not matter whether the mental health issues are due to low levels of T or not  always feel free to ask any question about it. The medical care experts are already there to answer it.

Final Thoughts: Can Low Testosterone Cause Anxiety

Now that you have learned all about testosterone levels, how does it regulate the mood? In addition the low level of T can impact mental health and lead to anxiety. Also via a blood test you can check the level of testosterone.

Also various therapies are available that may help raise the T level in the blood. Here, we advise you never to ignore the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some of them are associated with various serious health issues.

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