May 23, 2024

The cardiolite or Nuclear stress test is used to determine heart disease. This test is performed by the technician or under the supervision of expert health care.  So they decide the stress on your heart such as enough blood flow to your heart mussels.  There are different types of cardiolite stress tests for determining heart disease. It depends on your doctor, they will suggest you test according to your symptoms and condition.

What Is a Treadmill Stress Test?

Before Cardiolite, the first stress test that usually your health care will suggest is a treadmill stress test.  In this test, you can walk as long as you can and with a normal ECG. You may walk on the treadmill and the health provider monitors you.  If they notice that you feel pain in your chest or your ECG is not normal, it means blood flow is not enough. 

What Is a Cardiolite Stress Test?

Cardiolite stress test or nuclear stress test helps to determine coronary artery heart disease. With the help of this test, the doctor will know about the area of the heart where the blood supply is not enough. The coronary arteries are outside of the heart. They are providing oxygen and enough blood to your heart.

Your doctor will provide you with the result in the form of images. Cardiolite is a radioactive substance which is a tracer. They will show the various heart parts where there is less blood supply. The cardiolite tracer will detect all activity of the heart with a special scanning camera. 

This test will help the doctor to determine the heart areas which are affected by less blood supply. When you take this test before the three hours of the test do not use tobacco, or this type of thing. The cardiologist reads the test, and if they find any serious issues, they will consult with your doctor.

What Are The Types Of Cardiolite Stress Test?

The nuclear or cardiolite is the same name as the stress test. Your health provider uses 2 ways for performing this test.  These are the two types of this test:

  1. Perform exercise stress tests. Mostly your doctor will ask you to walk on a treadmill and check the blood flow supply towards your heart.
  2. Sometimes you can not perform an exercise. So, your doctor used medicine, for increasing the blood flow and stress on the heart.

What Nuclear Stress Test Shows?

However, Cardiolite or nuclear Stress test is specially designed to determine the supply of blood towards your heart. But it also shows the following:

  • Indicate the poor blood flow to the heart.
  • It also determines the heart muscle pumping well.
  • This test helps to locate the blocked arteries.
  • It will also show if your heart is damaged.

What Are The Benefits Of the Cardiolite Stress Test?

The following are the benefits of Cardiolite Stress test:

  • Identify the blockage 
  • Determine the heart failure if any previous
  • Your doctor will determine the best treatment
  • Scan image will provide all detail clearly
  • Cardiolite stress test gives the most accurate result of CAD.

What Are The Testing Instructions For Patients?

The patient must follow the given instructions:

  • It will require three hours for the test.
  • Before six hours of the cardiolite stress test do not use any tobacco item.
  • The patient must wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes with rubber slippers.  You can bring accessories with you, radiologists have a changing room.
  • If you are taking any type of medicine, consult with your radiologist. They will suggest that you stop taking these medicines before the test.
  • Must consult your doctor to adjust the intake of insulation if you used it.

How To Perform Nuclear Stress Test?

  • Cardiolite Stress test will start with IV and be injected with an imaging agent.  This agent circulates the whole before taking any image. 
  • When the first image is taken, you may lie straight on your back, and put your hands over your head for 15 minutes. A large camera is almost 2 inches away from your body and passes to the chest. 
  • You must ensure to stay perfect while taking all images of exams. The radiologist is near you but will not talk with you. 
  • After that, you will be sent to the stress lab. Here you need to walk on the treadmill and a radiologist will examine you. 
  • Sometimes you can not walk or your radiologist does not ask for a walk. In this situation, they will give you medicine, which increases your heart rate.
  • After walking or taking medicine for cardiolite stress test the examination is complete. You must wait for some time and take some drinks. 

Is Cardiolite Test Safe?

The radiation is used in Cardiolite stress test, but they are safe. Further, the scanning camera takes images and will not take X-rays.  If a patient is nursing a mother, pregnant, must consult with your doctor.  Moreover, the exercise test is completely safe.  Although, there is a small risk to the heart when performing stress tests. But there are rare complications or serious issues seen. Personnel are there if any emergency occurs.

Is Cardiolite Test Painful?

The cardiolite stress test is simple, and the patient will not feel any pain.  Because it is a pretty straight test without pain.  Patients can feel a little pinch when IV insert.  Further, it will not create any discomfort or pain in your body. 

Is Nuclear Test Safe For Kidneys?

It is a test that determines the blood flow supply towards your heart.  You need to perform Cardiolite Stress test by performing an exercise and sometimes taking medicine. However, the cardiolite test is safe for the kidneys.


Cardiolite stress test helps to determine various heart diseases such as coronary artery disease. A small amount of radioactive substance helps to examine the blood flow supply towards your heart.  You will also get the result in the form of an image. Because a scacchi camera will detect the image. Before going to a stress test consult your doctor to prepare for the test.