April 15, 2024

Cervicogenic Headache Exercises

Cervicogenic Headache Exercises

Cervicogenic headache pain starts from the neck and ends in your head. You can do cervicogenic headache exercises to stop this pain.  It is a serious issue and there are various types of headaches.  When this pain starts you feel ache and dullness.  But sometimes, the pain becomes more severe.  The main symptom of this pain is one side locked, which means pain occurs on one side of the neck, head, and eyes. 

What Are The Common Features Of Cervicogenic Headache Exercises

It starts as an intermittent and after that continually feels pain. You can overcome pain with some cervicogenic headache exercises. The following are the common features of cervicogenic headache:

      • Individual feels pain same side of the shoulder and arm

      • Pain starts from the back of the neck and goes into the head. 

      • You can feel the flexibility of the neck.

      • Swelling on eyes.

      • Pain affects the same side, you rarely face pain on both sides.

    What Are The Signs And The Symptoms Of Cervicogenic Headache?

    The headache pain becomes severe, and it converts into a cervicogenic headache. The following are the symptoms that will show you are facing the issue of cervicogenic headache. However, you take medicine, and your health provider suggests you do cervicogenic headache exercises.

        • Individuals can face the episodic of varying duration in pain.

        • You can face the issue of neck movement.

        • Individuals can face the pressure on their necks and skulls.

      When You Seek Your Doctor?

      Most headaches do not create any serious issues. However, if you feel the below signs, you can seek your doctor for treatment. Your doctor will suggest some treatment for cervicogenic headache exercises or medicines.

          • When you face difficulty in talking

          • Feel dizzy without any cause.

          • Swallowing

          • Sometimes nausea and vomiting

          • Uncontrolled movement of eyes

        How To Prevent From This Headache?

        You must adopt various things to avoid the CGH.  However, the following are the things you can adopt, and prevent cervicogenic headaches. Further, you can change your lifestyle and take medication according to your health provider’s suggestion. Sometimes, various therapies and cervicogenic headache exercises help to prevent the headaches.

            • You must avoid sitting for a long time.

            • Further, you need to maintain a good posture. 

            • You can ask your office management to provide the appropriate sitting position.

            • Avoid working till you feel overtired.

            • You must keep yourself hydrated.

            • Moreover, participate in various physical activities regularly.

            • When you sleep, try to sleep on your stomach or your back with a small pillow. 

            • You must check your eyesight to avoid headaches.

          What Are Cervicogenic Headache Exercises?

          Your health provider or therapist will suggest some cervicogenic headache exercises. You must perform these exercises two to three times a day.  Gradually, you can increase the preparation of the exercises.  Moreover, it is comfortable for you, if you perform exercises in a lay-down position on the starting days. You must sit on a hard chair and perform the following exercises.

              1. You may turn your head slowly and look over to your left shoulder. After that, you can look and turn your right shoulder. You can repeat this exercise five times. 

              1. In the second exercise, you can tilt slowly toward the shoulders. Now return the head to the middle and repeat to the other shoulder.  You can repeat this workout five times.

              1. You can sit with the help of your back supporting, now gradually tuck your chin into your chest. Hold this position for three seconds. Repeat this five times.

              1. In Cervicogenic Headache exercises, you can sit on a chair and put your arms across your chest.  After that, turn your trunk to the right and hold it for five seconds, then turn the left.  You can also repeat this for 5 times on each side.

              1. It’s a simple workout, you can shrug your shoulders up, back and around, then relax. You must repeat it five times.

              1. In this workout, you need to stretch your both hands over your head as much as possible.  You can also repeat this five times.

            What Are The Best Cervicogenic Headache Exercises?

            As above mention the best cervicogenic headache exercises, but the following two are the best on form them.

                • You can’t sit with your back supporting and slowly tuck your chin with your chest.  As you make a double chin. Moreover, you must hold this position for three seconds and repeat it for five times. 

                • The second one is to shrug up my shoulders around and back and then relax.

              Does Sleeping Position Avoid Cervicogenic Headache?

              Yes, you can maintain your sleeping position to avoid the cervicogenic headache.  The back and side sleeping position is the owner of the best position and helps to avoid the heading.  Because when you adopt these two positions, they put less pressure on your neck and spin.  You must get a night of quality sleep to avoid all types of headaches.

              How Can Cervicogenic Headache Exercises Improve Headaches?

              However, it depends on your headache symptoms or conditions. Because in a migraine, exercise is not useful. But in some other head types like cervicogenic headache, you can improve it by doing some exercise. 

              Is CGH a Serious Issue?

              If you feel dizzy, stiff neck and feel dull consult with your doctor. Sometimes it can lead to some server issues. You must follow the suggestion of your health provider regarding headaches, such as therapy and medicine for cervicogenic headache exercises.

              Can Stress Cause The Cervicogenic Headache?

              Absolutely yes, emotional and physical stress can cause headaches.  They also lead to cervicogenic and migraine headaches. 

              How Long Does A Cervicogenic Headache Last? 

              The cervicogenic headache episode lasts for one hour or one week. You can often feel pain on one side of the neck, and it will increase the tightness.  You can improve your sitting posture, and avoid sitting for a long time. You can also perform cervicogenic headache exercises.


              You can perform cervicogenic headache exercises instead of taking medication. Further, you can improve your sitting posture or working duration to avoid this issue.  Some headaches are not noticeable, but when you feel severe symptoms or conditions, you can seek your health provider immediately.

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