May 23, 2024
Heart Disease

Coronary Artery Disease: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease is a kind of heart disorder when the heart might not offer enough oxygen-rich blood to the coronary heart. Inside the US, this sickness is the main motive of demise. In step with a take a look at, almost 18.2 billion adults face this trouble. Moreover, it’s miles one of the most not unusual heart diseases in the US.

So this disease , the larger coronary arteries are affected on the surface of the heart. Moreover, if you diagnose this heart disease, you need to focus on your lifestyle and take a blanched diet. Additionally, you need medicine, and surgery for the treatment. 

What Is Coronary Artery Disease(CAD)

CAD is one of the not unusual types of heart disorders and is caused because of impaired blood float to the coronary heart. The CAD will growth the chance of a heart assault.  Furthermore, it is a main cause of loss of life amongst males and females within the US. 

Coronary Artery Disease

What Are The Symptoms Of Coronary Artery Disease?

When the coronary heart does not get enough blood flow, you’ll experience exceptional signs and symptoms. Further, chest discomfort is the most common sign of CAD. However, the following are the symptoms of coronary artery disease which people can experiences:

  • Burning
  • Heaviness
  • Chest discomfort
  • Squeezing
  • Tightness

Additionally, all these above systems can also show the mistake of indigestion or heartburn.

The following are the other Coronary Artery Disease symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in arms and shoulders
  • Shortness in breathing

You can feel more symptoms when the blood flow is disturbed. If you feel any blockage cut off blood flow, your heart will start to die and it is called a heart attack.  So, when you feel any symptoms do not ignore them if it lasts up to five minutes. Immediately consult with a doctor for treatment.

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Symptoms In Women

Women can also face the above same symptoms of coronary artery disease. But they will also feel some additional symptoms that are the following:

  • Jaw pain
  • Vomiting
  • Back pain
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breathing without feeling chest pain

Men have more chances to be affected by this disease compared to women.  When the blood flow id decreases you will face the  following issues:

  • Issue of abnormal heart rate
  • You become weak
  • Not pumps much blood as your body needs

What Are The Causes Of CAD?

Coronary Artery disease is caused due to cholesterol, it is a waxy substance that is present in the inside lining of the coronary artery forming plaque. The reduction of blood flow occurs when more than one artery is completely or partially blocked. Another reason is the damage to the coronary artery which results in limited blood flow. But this causes experience rarely.

 Which Are The Risk Factors Of CAD?

The risk factors help to prevent this heart disease. The following risk factors are included:

High Cholesterol level

High blood pressure




Unbalanced diet

Sleeping apnea


Excess use of alcohol

Additionally, the risk also increases with age. The men are facing great risk after 45 of this disease.

 Women have a greater risk at the beginning of the age of 55. If you have any previous family history of Coronary Artery Disease the risk will increase.

How To Diagnose Coronary Artery Disease

The doctor will review your Coronary Artery Disease medical history, medical testing, and physical examination. The following includes:

  • An Electrocardiogram test monitors the electrical signals that travel from the heart. With the help of this test, the doctor determines that you have a heart attack.
  • Echocardiogram uses ultrasound waves for creating a picture of the heart. The test will show whether all the heart functions work properly or not.
  • With the help of the stress, the test doctor will measure the stress during an activity or rest. In Coronary Artery Disease test, an electronic motor is activated by walking on a treadmill or cycling. Certain medicines can be used to measure stress if the person is unable to perform the activity.
  • In Cardiac catheterization, doctors inject a specific dye into coronary arteries through an artery in your wrist. 
  • Heart CT scans use imaging for the calcium deposit in the arteries.

What Is The Treatment Of The CAD?

If you are diagnosing a Coronary Artery Disease, you need to consult your doctor. The treatment will reduce the chances of a heart attack or stroke.  The treatment depends on the condition, health, and risk factors.  For instance, your doctor will advise medicines or therapy for controlling the cholesterol level or blood pressure. Moreover, if you are a diabetic person, your doctor will suggest diabetes control medicines.

Additionally, medicine is one of the best solutions for Coronary Artery Disease . Sometimes, people need surgery to treat CAD. but it all depends on your condition and disease.  However, the following surgeries can use for the treatment of CAD:

Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI):  the other name of this treatment is angioplasty and it is minimally invasive. In this surgery, your health provider uses a small balloon to reopen the blocked artery and help blood flow properly. The doctor will also insert a stent to stay open the artery.

Coronary artery bypass grafting CABG): with the help of this surgery a new path is created for proper blood flow. The CABG helps the person who has faced severe blockage of the artery.

What Are Precautions You Need To Take?

You can reduce the risk of Coronary Artery Disease with some precautionary measures. Several strategies can control CAD, and you can lower the risk of the disease. You need to follow the below precautions:

  • Quit Smoking: It is not easy to quit an addictive habit, but if you want to lower the risk of coronary artery disease, you need to quit smoking. 
  • Eat a Healthy Diet:  A balanced and nutritious diet will also help to live a healthy life. Avoid trans fats and refined foods from your diet.
  • Take Enough Sleep: Good and quality sleep can also prevent this disease.
  • Maintain A Healthy Weight: A healthy weight is also essential for a well-being lifestyle and for avoiding several diseases including heart issues.

Final Wording

Coronary Artery disease(CAD) is a common heart problem. It is treated with medicine and surgeries depending on the condition. Moreover, you can avoid this by taking some precautions and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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