May 23, 2024

How To Do Crunches:  A Complete Guideline 

Crunches/ Crunch

Exercise works for acquiring fitness and a healthy weight. When we tlak aboutthe exercise the one that comes in our mind is the curnches Crunches are one of the ab workouts. You will get strong abs with crunches. Crunch of abs is a good workout. Moreover, it is the most common workout that you can do without any equipment.

Further, it is a general belief that it is a good exercise for strengthening. But some studies show it is not very good for an ab workout. However, you need to know how to make this workout more effective. In this blog we will work on what are crunches. Is it effective or not? What si the main purpose of these exercises? How it differs from other exercises.

What Are Crunches?

Crunches are a basic exercise that targets the core muscles. Hence it offering multiple perks beyond just gaining washboard abs. Strengthening the core contributes to boost posture, stability and overall functional fitness. Let us delve into a full guideline on how to perform crunches effectively. Crunches or abdominal crunches are workouts, especially for abdominal mussels. Additionally, when you are doing this exercise, It will not require any equipment or thing. You can do it at your home but need some guidelines from instructors. 

How To Do A Perfect Crunch?

If you want an effective result, you need to do it perfectly. If you are not doing it perfectly it will not give you appropriate results. You can follow the given instructions:

Step 1- Set Up For Crunch

Crunches mainly engage the rectus abdominis. It is the muscle responsible for flexing the spine and supporting the trunk. So it is vital to perform proper form to boost the efficacy of this exercise and redcue the risk of injury.

Firstly, lie on your back and bend your knees. After that, plant feet on hip-width apart. Now put your fingertips on above ears with splayed wide elbows. Pulling them back towards the ground. Now cross your arms from your chest.

Step 2-Exhale And Crunch

Now loosen your shoulders, and tuck your chin just towards the chest. Without any moving, draw your abs down and inhale. After that, exhale using your abs to guide your neck, head, and shoulder blades, and off to the ground. 

Tip Of Instructor:  The movement is come from your core instead of pulling upwards from your neck and arms.

Step 3- Inhale And Relax

When shoulders leave the ground, give your abs the final squeeze. After, inhaling slow down your back to the ground.

Tip: if you want to increase your core engagement, you need to grounds your heels hard into the ground in every rep.

How To Do A Perfect Crunch

What Are The Crunches Rep And Sets

The crutches set or reps depend on your goals, and you can select these accordingly. If you are a beginner, don’t underestimate the value of crunches as core muscle builders. 

For Core Activation

If you want to boost your muscles’ connection with your abs, you need to perform 12 to 15 sets. Moreover, you needs to perform all the set slowly. 

For Muscle Crunches

You need to do three to five sets in 12 to 15 reps. The progress of crunches is that you need to hold the plate on your chest. As long as, until you remain perfect for this.

For Endurance

When you perform 20 reps per set perfectly, you need to perform four to five sets each with 20 to 25 reps.

Are There Variations In Cruches?

Crutches help in making strong abs. Moreover, you need to add some variations for more effective results. 

Reverse Crunch

In this workout, you will keep the shoulders on the ground and do dynamic crunches instead of legs. You need to control it slowly.  If you want to add more challenges to it, you can lengthen your legs and move it slower

Reverse Crunch .

Butterfly Crunches

The challenge in the variation is that you keep touching your heels together. Instead, put it on the ground entirely in your movement. You will feel stretch on your inner thighs, which trains hip mobility. 

Butterfly Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

It is sort of cycling, you need to lay on your back in this crunch. It is the same as you are doing in the simple crunch workout. You need to move your legs like cycling and put your hands back on your head. 

Bicycle Crunches

Bird Dog Crunches

It is not performed on your back.  In this crunch, your position is like a bird dog. You will not worry if you have room under your body.  You need to squeeze the right shoulder towards your left hip.

Bird Dog Crunches

Straight Leg Crunch

You will perform the crunch with straight legs. If you feel any trouble extending the legs, then no issue.  Over time you can gradually straighten your legs. You can crunch up with your thighs, and calves and press down the heels on the floor. 

Straight Leg Crunch

V- Ups

This workout is not technically a crunch, but it is enough similar to the straight leg crunch. In this workout, you need to straight your arms above your head and straighten your legs. Put the fingertips on and try to keep on the toe.

V- Ups

What Are The Benefits Of Crunches

However, crunches are not one of the core exercises that you need to add to your routine. The following are the benefits of the workout:

No Equipment Needs

You will not need any special equipment for creating strong abs. So, you can easily work out anywhere anytime. You can easily do this at your home or any peaceful area. 

Target Abdominal Muscle

The main target of the Crunches is the abdominal muscles, and it create your six-pack muscles.  You can make crutches more challenging by adding variation. When you do the workout with variations, it is more effective to build that target muscle. 

For Connecting Mind Muslese

When you are doing proper crunches, it will help to practice the developing mind-muscle connection. When you focus consciously, you will perform more effectively. 

What Are The Common Mistakes In Crunches

You need to perform crunches perfectly is more complex. However, it looks simple but not in actuality. You may avoid the following mistakes when doing the crunches.

  • When you start your workout originate it from the abs, avoid the neck. You can place your fist under your chin to keep the neck in the proper position. 
  • When you are crunching, make sure to do it gradually and move slowly.
  • However, it is easy to let down the shoulder on the floor, but you never relax your shoulder on the floor for more effective results.

Adding Crunches into the Routine

To help from crunches strive for consistency rather than volume. Here we advise you to begin with a manageable number of repetitions and focus on the right form. Slowly increase sets as the core strength improves.


Crunches are one of the best workouts for creating abdominal muscle. You can add variations in crunches for getting more effective results. However, you need to avoid some mistakes when performing crunches as above mentioned. Although crunches have different benefits the useful benefit is that you can perform them without any equipment.

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