May 23, 2024

Is heel pain a sign of cancer?

Is heel pain a sign of cancer

Cancer is a complex disease, and it affects any body part of humans. Further, it can be present in the body in a variety of ways.  Is heel pain a sign of cancer? Yes, heel pain is a sign of cancer.   But typically, it is not associated with cancer.  But it is vital to consider the causes that create cancer. So, in this article, you will explore heel pain and whether it is a sign of cancer. How is it identified or what cancer treatment should we take?

What Types Of Cancer Cause Heel Pain?

Cancer itself is various types, but some types of cancer can cause heel pain, is heel pain a sign of cancer? Yes, the following types of cancer can conform to this sign.

Bone Cancer-Is heel pain a Sign Of Cancer

In bone cancer, you can feel pain in your heels. Bone cancer starts within the cells that make the bones.  Further, it occurs in any bone of the body part, including the heels.  The bone cancer symptoms are feeling pain in the affected part and getting worse over time.  Moreover, you can feel the swelling and tenderness in the affected part of the body.  Additionally, individuals feel pain when moving.  However, bone cancer is rare, and it is almost 1% of all other types of cancer.

Brest, Lungs And Prostate Cancer Types

Heel pains can also cause other types of cancer like lung, breast and prostate.  When cancer is creeping into your body, it is called secondary or metastatic cancer. The metastatic cancer’s symptoms depend on the cancer’s position. So, individuals can feel pain in their heels due to these types of cancers.

How To Identify Is  Heel Pain a Sign Of Cancer

Various types of medical tests like X-rays, CT scans, imaging tests, and MRIs can help diagnose the cause of heel pains. Through these medical tests, your doctor determines whether it is due to cancer or other disease. For this purpose, it is important to identify the disease accurately.  When it is determined accurately, your doctor will start the best treatment.

What Are The Other Causes Of Heel Pains?

Although cancer is the reason or sign for heel pain. Sometimes other diseases cause this issue.  So, the following are the other disease that can cause heel pains: 

Plantar Fasciitis is the cause of heel pains. It appears when a band of tissue runs down the bottom of the foot and is inflamed.  The symptoms of this disease are heal pain also.  This pain occurs when you wake up in the morning or stand for a long time.

Bursitis can also occur in the heel. It is a condition where small fluid fills the sacs that protect the joints.  The inflammation occurs on it. The pain will appear in the heel when you are standing or walking.

When You Need To Consult Your Doctor?

If you continually feel pain then you must consult with your health provider. Your health provider will determine it accurately. Weather is heel pain, a sign of cancer or any other disease.  Based on these they will recommend further treatment of the disease.  You must also consult if you have any other symptoms or a risk factor concerning the cancer. Because risk factors involve family history, certain genetic issues, lifestyle, smoking, alcohol and other factors.

You must seek medical treatment if the heel pain is severe. The early identification of disease helps to improve your condition quickly.  It must also help to prevent the disease from becoming more severe.

Is Heel Pain a Sign Of Cancer Commonly?

It is not typically a symptom of cancer. But sometimes in various types of cancer. It is possible that you can feel pain in your heel.  So, you must consider the other symptoms of the cancer for proper treatment. Because many other diseases can also cause this pain. 

Can Heel Pain Is a Sign Of Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment?

When you start a cancer treatment it comes with various side effects. Radiation, chemotherapy and various other oral medications can cause different types of side effects. For instance, nausea, hair loss, tiredness, and can also be a direct or indirect cause of heel pain. Different types of cancer treatment contribute to bone loss or muscle wasting. 

How To Treat Heel Pain Alongside Cancer?

Most of the time heel pain is treated using costly medication or treatment.  You can use the following treatment:

  • Orthotics is one of the best ways to treat with this pain. The special insert is called heel seats.  You need to apply the target acupressure to relieve the pain.
  • Stretching can have a big impact on the arch elasticity. Different types of stretches are done on the bed for a few minutes.  Stretching can also improve blood flow.
  • You can use night socks to soften them.  So you can easily stretch your foot in a comfortable position. 

Is Heel Pain a Sign Of Cancer Or a Tumour in the Ankle?

Is heel pain a sign of cancer or a tumour in the ankle? Yes, it can but depending on the location and size. In this situation, it is important to determine the disease accurately and start the treatment properly.

What Is The Successful Rate Of Cancer Treatment For Heel Pain?

The succession of the treatment depends on the condition, type and stage of the cancer. Moreover, the overall health of the individual contributes a lot.  However, it is essential to discuss the treatment and its succession rate with your health provider. They can accurately clear everything.


Is heel pain a sign of cancer? It is not associated every time with cancer. Further, you must consider all other symptoms of the concert.  You must seek your medical facilitator for this purpose.  Most of the time bone cancer can be a sign of this pain. But sometimes it is a side effect of cancer treatment.

In this situation, you may consult with a health provider and they will accurately determine the disease.  So, they will start the accurate treatment of the disease. 

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