May 23, 2024
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Is Summer Cold A Common Pandemic In The US?

Summer Cold

Summer colds appear in different parts of the US due to rhinoviruses. However, the common cause for spreading this summer cold is various gatherings. Various events like weddings, barbecue parties, and others get to gather also the spreading of this pandemic in the US.

According to the data of Centres For Disease Control And Prevention, it is an adenovirus infection. The adenovirus infection causes respiratory issues, and the Common cold is a symptom. Moreover, fever, throat, pinky eyes, diarrhea, and skin rashes are other symptoms of this infection.

This pandemic is high in the peak summer season. Further, different respiratory viruses also occur in this season.  Based on previous years’ experience, various medical experts said that adenovirus infection is higher this year.

Rhinovirus symptoms are 33% of respiratory illnesses compared to covid, which is 2%. 

Which Are The Symptoms Of Summer Cold

Usually, these viruses occur in winter and last in the spring season. However, pandemic viruses are present in any season, such as summer cold infections. The following are the symptoms of the Summer Cold:

  • Headaches
  • Congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Runny Nose
  • Low energy
  • Sore Throat
  • Muscles Pain

The summer cold symptoms are like the winter cold. There are also other symptoms and illnesses often seen in the cold infection.

  • The individual also faces issues related to hand, foot, and mouth disease.
  • Herpangina is caused due to mouth and throat blisters.
  • Pinky eyes, swallowing, and redness also occur in this infection.

What Are The Risk Factors In Summer Cold

The following are some risk factors that spread the cold in the summer.

  • Spend time with children that are not washing hands with runny noses.
  • Close contact with people in public areas.
  • Do not wash your hands regularly.
  • Very young and old are also risk factors.
  • Weak immunity system.

What Is The Treatment And Home Remedies

When a summer cold occurs, there is no medicine to work on this virus. However, different treatments and remedies can help with this virus.

  • Use cough drops and cough medicines.
  • To overcome the congestion issues use chest vapour.
  • A steamy shower can help to relieve the congestion.
  • Use herbal remedies.
  • Use honey for reducing the issue.
  • Zinc is also helpful for reducing the cold.


To reduce the chances of catching a cold, follow the prevention measures:

  • Hand Hygiene

    It comes first on the list. So Regular handwashing and use of hand sanitizers can help prevent the spread of viruses including COVID 19.


    Avoidance of Close Contact

    So it is a must. Here Limiting contact with a person displaying cold symptoms minimizes the risk of transmission.


    Boosting Immunity

    It is vital and most of you ignore it. So providing proper nutrition, good hydration, and good rest can strengthen the immune system.


    Environmental Hygiene

    Now let us talk about it. Here Keeping indoor spaces well-ventilated and clean can minimise the spread of viruses.

    Now let us talk about the over of it. It will help you learn more about the prevention

    To reduce the chances of catching a cold, follow the prevention measures:

    • Wash your hands before eating anything or touching your face.
    • If you see any symptoms of a cold, stay at home.
    • Use a tissue for coughing and sneezing.
    • Avoid sharing utensils with other people.
    • Avoid kissing those who are facing a cold summer infection.
    • Before preparing food, wash your hands.

    Do follwoe these prevention to love the healhy and happy life



    Now you have an idea about the common cold. You have learned about the causes, preventions and much more. While the common cold is often associated with colder months, experiencing cold-like symptoms during the summer is not uncommon. Various viruses such as those less reliant on cold temperatures can contribute to this phenomenon. However solid statistical data exclusively focusing on the prevalence of summer colds remains somewhat elusive.

    Nevertheless practicing good hygiene, keeping a healthy lifestyle and being mindful of exposure to potential viral sources can notably reduce the risk of having a cold, regardless of the season. Learning the factors adding to summer colds helps in taking right measures to minimize their impact and ensure a healthier and more enjoyable summer season.

    Remember, even in the warmth of summer it is vital to take care of the health to prevent those unexpected sniffles and sneezes. Eat healthy and live healthy. Again, do consult the doctor if the symptoms remains there.

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