May 23, 2024
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Melanated Skin Myths and Right Skincare Routine

Melanated Skin

Melanated skin (care) is beautiful as it has richness and a variety of hues. But what makes this skin unique compared to other skin type? What products must we have in our cupboard to support this lovely skin for skin care?

Melanated skins are worth celebrating for numerous reasons. First is the experience of humans that we all share. Yes, you read it right. It is melanin that is present in our body. Melanin is a substance that is naturally produced in the body, especially in the hair, skin, and eyes. It is all over the body; our shades of brown are because of melanin. So black and brown are melanin-rich people. Some people even look for the means to get melanated skin.

The melanated skin is unique, and it requires some extra care. Do you know the darker colour is prone to inflammation and hyperpigmentation? It is the reason this skin type requires extra care. There is a lot of research on this skin, and researchers have discovered that many forums keep melanated skin healthy and lovely.


So most of you must have heard of the word melanin but have no idea about it. Why do some people have melanated skin? Let us find the answer to it. Melanin is the kind of polymer from tyrosine, the amino acid. Here, genes determine the skin colour or the melanin present naturally in the body; sun exposure, UV light, and hormones also boost the melanocytes. Do not get stressed by the word melanocytes; the cell produces and makes melanin.

Now you may get an idea of how hyperpigmentation or sun tan happens. Also, the main reason for the freckle is the melanin. It protects against the UV light on my skin; the melanin absorbs about 50 to 70 per cent of UV light or rays. Melanin does much more than define the colour of the skin; it offers a shield against harmful UV rays.

Does Eveyine have Melanated Skin?

When we state melanated skin, it means people with a high level of melanin in their body. It has a wide range of brown and black skin tones. From South or Latin America to African America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and North America, Pacific Natives and Islanders.

melanated skin tone

Benefits of Melanated Skin

There are several benefits of melanated skin. Some of them are as follows:

UV protection

Do you know melanin absorbs UV sun rays and protects the skin from sun damage issues like sunburn? 

Decreased chance of skin diseases

 Melanin can assist in saving the melanin skin from specific skin issues like psoriasis and vitiligo.

A more powerful immune system

Melanocytes produce melanin and it plays a vital part in the immune system. Research has shown that darker skin people have a notable immune system than people with lighter skin.

Exciting Facts About Mealin Rich Skin

Most of you think melanated skin doesn’t require any particular daily skin care routine as it does not get tanned easily. It is the time to break the myth and learn the truth. The main concern about melanated skin is that they do not need any SPF. Because they think they never get burned or get skin cancer.

Melanated Skin Need Sunscreen :

Per various skin experts, the skin with more melanin also needs a SPF of around 13. However, some researchers state that an SPF of 30 or higher is best to block harmful sunrays like UVB rays. An SPF 30 and higher blocks about 97% of the UVB sun rays.

Wear Sun Screen Even in the Room :

Here is another myth there is no need to wear sun skin when you are in the room. In the daytime, it is a must to wear sunscreen despite your location. Even in a closed room, you must wear SPF as UVA and UVB lights can penetrate the concrete wall. Also moving out, SPF, physical protection, and sun are necessary. Here we advise you to wear hats and sunglasses.

Chances of Burning and Cancer :

Now let us break the next myth about melanated skin. The melanin skin is also prone to sunburn and cancer. While dark-coloured skin is less likely to have melanoma, the survival rate is lower despite the cancer stage. So prevention is better than cure. You cannot exclude the chances of cancer in the black skin.

Dark Skin Do not Have a Hyperpigmentation Tone :

Dark skin also leads to sun damage like premature ageing and dark spots, but sometimes the skin conditions worsen. In some cases, it can exacerbate the uneven skin tone. This issue is very popular with people who have dark skin colours. Around 60–80 per cent of people with coloured skin exhibit hyperpigmentation.

Other Skin Issues with Melanated Skin :

Other skin issues with melanated skin include dermatosis papulosa, razor bumps, and acne. There is no need to worry about the facts we have shared with you. Here, we have made an effective skin care plan for melanated skin.

Melanated Skin: Perfect Skincare Routine

Every skin type needs to follow the skincare routine. but the dark colour skincare regime differs from the person with lighter skin Here it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman to take care of your skin.

Many factors play a vital role in picking the right product for melanated skin, like age, sleep pattern, and location. One thing that works for you does not work for others. So each skin type has a customised routine. Indeed the bases are the same but the product differs from skin to skin.

Darker skin colours must add melanin concerns when picking the product for the skin. When discussing skin issues, melanin plays a vital role. So, the following are the right skin care routines for the dark-coloured person.

skin care routine

The Skikcare setup is standard for all skin types.


Let us begin with cleansing, it is the first step of skin care. Here you will choose the product per your skin type: oil, combo, dry or normal.

For the melanated skin use items with mild cleaner elements—No Vague Stuff!™ It is vital to use specific ingredients at safe concentrations. It avoids possible skin irritation. Things ought to work, but must also and gentle on the skin.


Now comes the toning; it is not the must-have step, but it keeps the pH balance of your skin in a normal range it is a must to go for the toning.


A good moisturiser also prevents premature ageing. For melanated skin, the moisture must match the pH balance of the malented skin. Agis the skin moisturiser is different for every skin type:

  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Combo Skin
  • Sensitive Skin

Concerns of Melanin Skin

In this section we work on the concerns of people of colour. The melanin-rich skin faces the following issues.


If you have melanated skin then you must have experienced stubborn acne scars and pigmentation. Over the counter, many items are accessible for those with bright skin, but not all of them are safe. In darker skin, the product that causes the lightening effects, like hydroquinone, can cause allergic reactions like swelling and burning.

Rather than this, it is best to look for other options for lighter skin, like vitamin C, liquorice roots, and AHAs. For targeting dark spots, go for tranexamic or kojic acid on the concerned area.


According to studies, melanated skin contains less ceramides and more TEWL. These are the two factors that cause dehydration. To deal with such issues, it is best to go for antioxidant cleansers with antioxidants to eliminate dirt and the skin moisturizing factor. After cleansing, we advise applying a few drops of hyaluronic acid for bouncy and hydrated skin.


Dark circles are not only in those who skip 8 hours of sound sleep but also in coloured skin people. Undereye bags and dark circles are common on melanated skin, too. To deal with these issues. Skin experts recommend niacinamide, which helps prevent the transfer of pigment from the melanocyte to the skin cell.

Best Ingredients for Melanated Skin

Plant-Based, Non-Harsh Ingredients

What ingredients are the best for melanated skin? Look for items that contain aloe vera or jojoba oil. These both have antimicrobial and hydrating properties. However it is vital to remember that some ingredients can harm the skin. So while reviewing the product, we advise you to study the ingredients and then decide.

Conclusion: Melanated Skin is Unique

Melanated skin is the skin that has the highest level of melanin. It is a natural compunction that is present in darker people. A person who has melanin usually has a darker and richer complexion. 

Melanated skin requires specific skin care, not all products are the best for this type of skin. Closley study he skin concerns and pick the right product for yourself. Here we advise you to consult the doctor for the perfect skincare care routine for melanated skin,

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