May 23, 2024

Tension Myositis Syndrome A Mystery of the Mind and Body

Tension Myositis Syndrome/ TMS/chronic pain

Sometimes most of you experience backaches, chronic pain, GIT issues, and CVS symptoms. This makes you rush to the doctor for a checkup. But you are unable to find anything; all the reports and tests are fine. Then what is this? Have you heard of the term tension myositis syndrome (TMS)?

To know about this syndrome, you need to learn that there is a link between the mind and the body. This link is the least understood in the health sector.

So before you jump into this syndrome, it is vital to learn how your mind and bodywork. How they are working. Do you know that the body is not only a machine that makes physical parts work? It has a close link to thoughts and emotions. When one feels anxious or stressed, the body starts showing signs like pain, muscle tension, and much more. So this link between physical and emotional health is what tension myositis syndrome is all about. In this blog we will work on What is tension myositis syndrome. How does it occur? What are the signs? to handle this syndrome and much more?

Discovery Of Tension Myositis Syndrome

So before stepping on what is Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), we advise you to know its history. What is this? How did it get started? Learn its symptoms and explain more. The story of this syndrome starts with the highly effective health care experienced by Dr. John E. Sarno. Dr. Sarno was one of the leading physicists in medicine and also focused his work on rehabilitation. It meant he helped people recover from any physical pain or injury.

Do you know he noticed something amazing while treating numerous patients? Many people suffer from chronic issues like backaches, headaches, GIT issues, and other unexplained issues. He carried out detailed research and used his experiences in this sector, which showed a groundbreaking finding. He stated that the main reason for the pain in most cases is an emotional issue, not a physical one.                                                                                     Dr. Sarno termed these symptoms or issues Tension Myositis Syndrome. In short, it is a symptom when emotional factors disrupt the body and cause pain. There is a mysterious link between the muscles and the mind.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Now let us move forward and learn more about Tension Myositis Syndrome. What is this? What are the signs, and much more about it in great depth?

What Is Tension Myositis Syndrome?

So now you have learned about the history of TMS, how Dr. John found it and much more. But to know what this is, we have summarised all the details in this part of the blog.

TMS or tension Myoneurla syndrome causes physical symptoms such as GIT issues, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and more. These signs are not because of any abnormalities or physical pathology. When patients go for the test, there is nothing there, and all of his reports are negative. So it seems like the system has no link with the physical issues. The mystery is why these symptoms occur; they occur as a result of decreased oxygen levels via the ANS. Hence it results in psychosocial stress and represses emotional stress.

Why Does Chronic TMS Pain Occur?

So here comes the main query. Why does chronic pain occur in TMS? Many studies and research have been conducted to solve this mystery. As per the current study in the Pain Neurosciences, prolonged chronic issues like pain is because of the high sensitivity level in NS. So factors such as stress, anxiety, and one’s response to a given fear may cause causative physiological changes in the nervous system. Hence it leads to many symptoms not caused by tissue or structural damage.

So, stressful situations, repressed thoughts, and traumas cause these effects. However, it might occur after the injury because of a fear of re-injury. It could also result from a stressful event in one’s life. When they first learn about it, many will compare PPD or TMS with psychological pain. So this is what Dr. John found when he noticed that what his patients were dealing with was just TMS. When he began to guide them about the TMS and most of the people, they began to recover from this. He was the one who changed their idea of the pain.

Chronic Pain

But the question is: how did he make this patient get rid of the pain? He followed the 12-minute reminder method. It is still well-known, and many doctors are using it. This method has a notable finding with the growth in the research section. Now let us move forward and find out about the signs and symptoms of tension myositis syndrome. How can you find out about it? Now let us move forward and find out about the tension myositis syndrome signs and symptoms. How can you figure out about it?

Tension Myositis Syndrome Symptoms

Now you have learned what Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) is and what its history is. But it is vital to learn about its systems, so everyone should have an idea about it. Dr. Sarno described this as Tension Myositis Syndrome because he wanted to explain this wonder. In easy words, TMS is a state where emotional factors cause physical pain in the body. It is like a mysterious link between the mind and the muscles.

Tension Myositis Syndrome tms can yield many signs, like:

  1. Chronic Pain. It is a long-lasting pain and it never seems to keep a precise physical cause.
  2. Tight Muscles. In this one feels his or her muscles are stiff and tense.
  3. Fatigue. In this one feel tired all the time.
  4. Tingling or Numbness. It is the feeling of tingling or numbness in other body parts.

Other Symptoms are :

  • Headache
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Irritability

Now let us move ahead and learn some facts about tension myositis syndrome.

Hidden Facts About Tension Myositis Syndrome

Now let us tell you some hidden facts about tension myositis syndrome. One of the most vital facts about tension myositis syndrome is that emotions and feelings play a crucial role in curing all of its symptoms. Sometimes a person’s mind shields them from any uncomfortable thoughts and feelings by causing physical pain. So what does it do? In this one, please do not focus on his feelings but on the pain in his body.

So let us make it clear to you via examples. If one is feeling anxious or stressed because of a college project or something, fight over which one. Rather than handling these issues directly. Your brain has a plan to cause headaches or backaches. It is clever to do so.

For more satisfaction, you can also the video of Dr. Sarno MD

Tension Myositis Syndrome Healing

What is the healing process? It is the thing that you must be looking for. Here is the good stuff: once you know the link between psychological symptoms and emotions, you are on the path to healing. Dr. John thinks that by learning about TMS and knowing the emotional elements behind the pain, one could move or reduce psychological comfort.

The query is how one can heal from tension myositis syndrome.


The first stage is to enlighten yourself regarding TMS. Knowing that pain is mainly driven by hidden feelings can be entrusting.


Also Holding a diary to record their thoughts and feelings can allow them to recall habits that trigger their physical symptoms.

Meditation and Relaxation

Learning to calm their mind via techniques such as meditation can help ease TMS symptoms.

Psychological Support

Sometimes it is vital to talk to a therapist who can direct one through the expressive parts of their pain.

Most therapies for tension myositis syndrome consist of the following:

  •  education
  • writing about emotional problems
  •  resumption of a regular lifestyle a
  • for some people support meetings or psychotherapy do wonders

Bow you have an idea about therapies but it is time to know the tips to deal with tension myositis syndrome.

Tips for Handling with Tension Myositis Syndrome

If one imagines that they may be experiencing TMS, here are a few helpful tips to assist them in managing it:

Talk About the Feelings

Share your thoughts and feelings with a reliable friend, counsellor or family member.

Practice Peace

Learn ease methods like deep breathing, yoga or mindfulness to assist in calming the body and mind.

Keep a Diary

Pen down your thoughts and feelings daily. Because it can help in finding ways and stimuli for the physical symptoms.


Read texts and blogs about tension myositis syndrome to get a better learning of how the body and mind work.

Seek Expert Help

If the symptoms remain or worsen, never hesitate to confer with a healthcare expert or therapist who expert in mind-body links. Now you have learnt the tips to deal with the tension myositis syndrome.

Conclusion: Tension Myositis Syndrome

TMS is a charming idea that reminds all of us of the great link between the bodies and minds. It guides us that periodically, our feelings can display as physical discomfort or pain. Also learning this link is the key to healing. Whenever you go through unexplained discomfort or pain we advise you to look for the TMS.

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