May 23, 2024

Thai Yoga Massage : Benefits & Types

Thai Yoga Massage

You will feel relaxed, stress and anxiety free when you get a massage. You can take massages in different ways. Nevertheless, various types of workout help to relax your muscles, stress and anxiety. Yoga is one of the best ways to relax and release tension. Further, different types of yoga massages are here, Thai yoga massage is one of them.

When you think about a message, imagine laying in bed, relaxing and having a massage therapist. It is the best way to recharge your body. You will check it is a different type of massage includes, helps to recover and relax, stretching, twisting and palming. This type of massage is perfect for individuals, athletes and desk-bound workers.  By stretching and movement, you will get the benefits of this workout.

What Is Exactly Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai yoga massage is performed by laying a mat on the floor. A trained therapist will help you to perform this message with different Thai yoga poses.  Commonly the therapist starts it from the foot and ends on the face and head.  When starting from feet, the person’s energy can move upward.

 As a result, your energy level increases, and blood flow boosts through your whole body. All your stress will be reduced in this way. When blood circulation increases, more oxygen flows towards your brain, and it will help to decrease your headache.

What Are The Benefits Of Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai yoga will help you to boost your body energy and allow you to heal your body.  It is the best yoga massage with stretching.  However, this yoga technique is different from others, but it has various benefits. The following are the benefits of this type of Thai yoga massage:


    • Increased Flexibility

When you stretch your body, it will increase flexibility. When your body is more flexible, you will reduce the injury factors.


    • Relieves Muscle Tension and Pain

With the help of Thai yoga massage, you can effectively reduce your mussels tensions and pain. It is one of the best benefits of this yoga. When you are tension free, you can do your work effectively and sleep well.


    • Relieve Pain and Stress

Yoga is the best workout that will help to relieve your pain and stress. So, the Thai yoga massage is the best and helps to boost your body’s health and overall wellness.


    • Improves Blood Circulation

When you perform this yoga pose massage, it will help to increase the blood circulation of your body. Blood circulation is important for the well-being of health. The other benefit of blood circulation is that it will overcome your headache.


    • Increase Energy Level

Performing a workout increases the energy level of any individual. Thai yoga massage is a unique workout that will help to boost your energy level.

What Are 3 Types Of Thai Yoga Massage Techniques?

You can perform these techniques with the help of your partner or friend. Before performing thai yoga massage techniques, you must know that your partner is good in health. Further, they have no injuries or medical issues.

Palming The Back Thia Yoga Massage

Your partner lies on their front and makes sure to feel comfortable.  Now place your one knee on the mat and near the thigh. After that, put the other foot on the mat near your partner’s hip. 

Now make a thai yoga massage pose with your hand in the butterfly position and one palm with the whole and the other palm on the side of the spine. Start from the lower back and press with your palm,  keep your distance up the back and release, hold, and move on one palm.  So repeat this until you reach the shoulder blades. 

Cobra thi Yoga Poses

This type of possession is effective for flexible people. Ask your partners to keep flat on their front. Now put your knees at the thighs crease where the thighs meet the buttstock.  Further, your feet must be on the floor. Now you need to hold each other’s wrists. 

Ask your partner to take a breath in and out in this type of thai yoga massage. Pull up your partner as much as they feel comfortable.  Because every individual has a different flexibility level .  Hold the same position for some time and safely ease the partner on the mat. Repeat this workout, as much as you feel comfortable. 

Forward Pull Yoga Massage

Your partner turns on and sits on the floor with their legs and stretches out in front of your partner. Kneel in the front on their feet with your knees at the soles. Now you will hold each other’s wrists. Ask your partner to breathe in and out.  When they breathe, lean back, and they come forward with a forward bend.  Hold them for a few seconds and, after this, ease them gently back to a straight position.

Final Wording

Thai yoga massage is a combination of stretching, twisting, palming, asanas, and joint mobilisation.  A Thai massage is both energising and relaxing.  Moreover, it is an Eastern massage therapy. Further, it has various benefits for your health.  You will be mentally and physically fit by performing this workout. It will boost your energy and blood flow. However, your partner must be flexible, strong and cooperative for performing this workout.

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