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Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts: Exciting Perks & Risks for Poor Health

Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

Most of you must have heard of the word twisted tea. But do you have any idea about the nutrition of twisted tea and its facts like Sugar & Calories? If not then today you will learn all about it in great depth. What are the twisted tea nutrition facts? Is it great for your health or not? Does it have caffeine content or not? We will answer all of these queries one by one. So when you are tired from a long day and there is a summer gathering, the only thing that makes you fresh and energetic is the taste of twisted tea. Do you know if it’s one of the famous alcoholic beverages or tea? What makes it the best? Its blend of alcohol and tea makes it popular among users.

 But some health-conscious people are looking forward to these nutritional beverages. Is this hyped drink really worth the hype? Can you use it daily?  Is it affecting health or not? In this blog we will discuss twisted tea nutrition facts, study its effects and much more.

 What Is Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea

So most of you have yet to learn about this hyped tea. Let us explain it to you. Twisted tea (Nutrition Facts) is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks with tea. Yes, you heard me right. In 2023, it will become the main focus of tea lovers who want to feel active all day alone and like to use it daily. This is composed of the black tea and the natural flavours. It is a refreshing choice for people who like tangy and sweet tastes.

 But many people are curious about the impact of this drink on health, like the heart, kidneys and others. So it arise the query can you use it daily?  This refers to teas with a variety of flavours. Tea and almonds appeal to many, but health concerns make them think twice before having them.

 Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

Now, it is time to unveil the hidden nutritional facts of the twisted tea. In this blog section we will work on all aspects of twisted tea, like calories, sugars, carbs, vitamins, alcohol content and more. Once you know the twisted tea nutrition facts, you will work on the health benefits, if any.

 Sugar and Carbs

The first item on the list is sugar and carbs. So the first twisted tea nutrition facts are that it has 34 grams of carbs and is the best to consume. In this, 33 g of sugar is equal to about 6.5 teaspoons. This amount of sugar content makes it vital to use this tea in a moderate amount. So, if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, use this drink in moderation. It is not for the daily use as it efffy the health. Now, let us move on to the next fact.

 Fat and Protein

Here is the second twisted tea nutrition facts: The twisted tea contains no significant amount of fat or protein. Each serving has less than one gramme of protein and fat in it. Hence there are better choices for people who want to boost their fat and protein intake. If you want to build muscles, this drink is not for you. Now move on towards the next.

 Minerals and Vitamins

It comes third on the list of twisted tea nutrition facts. Twisted tea never has any vital minerals or vitamins, while black tea is known for its antioxidant properties. So it is in a small amount in teas, and these nutritional facts show it does not offer any health benefits. Is it all for now? No there are many more. You must read  these  twisted tea nutrition facts before drinking this hyped drink.


It comes fourth on the list of twisted tea nutrition facts. So the twisted has a low content of sodium in it and it is a notable nutrition fact. Its amount per serving is about 5 to 15 mg per serving. Hence, this amount is less and should not concern most people.

Alcohol Content

This comes fifth on the list of twisted tea nutrition facts that one needs to consider. It consists of about 5 per cent alcohol by volume or ABV so it is the same as another famous beer brand. It is vital to use alcohol drinks carefully and be conscious of the alcohol intake.

 Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts Calories in Each Flavour

So, now you have an idea about the twisted tea nutrition facts. But before moving forward on its impact on human health there are some things to share. In this section we have made the list of calories in each flavour of twisted tea.

 Here is a study of the calories in each flavour:

  • Original has 194
  • Raspberry has  209
  • Peach has 220
  • Blueberry has 454

Yet, there is a form about this. If one is watching their diet we advise you to go for the  Light versions of its famous flavours. Such Light choices have fewer calories (about 110 to 130/12-ounce serving) and carbs (about 10to14 g/serving ). Likened to their regular mates, these are fewer in carbs and calories but still full of flavour.

Health Risks and Benefits : Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

Now you have all the data about the twisted tea nutrition facts. It is the time to learn about the twisted tea health benefits and perks. Here in the section we will focus on the possible perks of twisted tea and the risks.

Possible Benefits

So here comes the notable perk of the twisted tea that we have studied in the twisted tea nutrition facts. It has antioxidant content. Do you know the function of it? It can reduce the risk of various chronic illnesses like heart issues and cancers. So it prevents damage often the cell and hence the organ. Yet, the portion of antioxidants in Twisted Tea is less and it may not offer notable health benefits.

Potential Risks

Now you have an idea about the perks no it is the time to learn about the risk factors. So let us work on it.

High sugar range 

As you know, this is a nutritional fact about the twisted tea that has a high level of sugar in it. So it can lead to various health issues. High usage of sugar in twisted tea can lead to weight gain, obesity and various health problems like heart disease and diabetes. It is vital to use twisted tea in moderate amounts and use it with healthy options in meals.

Alcohol content

So here comes another possible risk of consuming twisted tea which has alcohol content. So each of the alcohol contents is only 5 per cent alcohol which can impact many functions like cognitive function, boost the chances of injuries or accidents and reduce coordination. The twisted tea nutrition facts show that using this tea responsibly is a must so we advise you to avoid drinking any machinery after drinking this tea.

Overall, the results of Twisted Tea on health rely on the person and how much one consumes. The average usage of Twisted Tea might be helpful for some people, but extreme usage can lead to health issues. Here are a few specific health effects of Twisted Tea as per its Nutrition Facts


  • Antioxidant protection
  • Low calories
  • Improved gut health


  • Excessive sugar consumption
  • Brain damage
  • Liver damage
  • Alcohol dependence

It is vital to note that the study on the fitness results of Twisted Tea is little. It still requires many studies to fully learn the long-term impact of this drink on human health.

 Weight Loss and Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts 

 Weight Loss and Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts


So here comes the main query: can it affect diet? If one wants to be in shape, it is vital to be mindful of their caloric intake and sugar. So you have learned the twisted tea nutrition facts. Here Twists tea contains 250 calories and 42 grams of daily content. This amount is for a 12-once serving. What does sit mean? It means that it is not advised to add it to your diet routine. If you like the taste then we advise you to read the following part. In that paper we discuss how one can add twisted tea to the diet routine.

Moderation- Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

Firstly using the twisted tea in a moderate amount and pairing it with a healthy meal is best. So these healthy meals balance the high level of sugar and calorie content. So pick the lighter version of the twisted teas like Light Hard Iced Tea or Half and Half which has less sugar and calories than other versions. We have another option for you to say the tip. Why do not you dilute the twisted tea with club soda and water to minimise its sugar and calorie content? 

Daily Exercise

If you are taking the twisted tea in a moderate amount then do add the exercise to your routine. Why is that so? It is to burn calories. You can enjoy this tea as part of a healthy lifestyle by choosing regular exercise and a healthy meal.

Conclusion : Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

Twisted Tea consists of antioxidants from alcohol and black Tea which have possible health benefits. Nonetheless, its elevated alcohol and sugar content can offer many health risks if ingested excessively. You can use the Twisted Tea as a piece of a healthy diet in moderate amounts and paired with healthy meal options.

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